Haa...lip locks and bikinis are common Tapsee

>> Monday, January 24, 2011

Sizzling beauty Tapsee who made her debut in Tollywood with the film 'Jhummandi Nadham' is riding high right now. She is flooded with offers from everywhere. Currently, she is acting in two films, one with Prabhas and other with Manchu Vishnu. She also signed three more films both in Tollywood and Kollywood.

Recently, she had chitchat with media people at Hyderabad. When, asked about her onscreen skin show Tapsee promptly replied, "Haa…nowadays lip locks and bikinis become very common everywhere. We need not to go to movies to see those things. It's everywhere around us. But, people get excited when they see the hero and heroine do the same thing on the big screens and some even makes hue and cry about them. Our society is fast changing and adopting western culture. I think it is inevitable to go along with the society that we live in."

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